Friday, September 5, 2008

Days Off With Your Dog

Photo Credit : Chance Gardener

Many times taking time off can seem complicated. Strange isn't it? The very thing that is supposed to gain us restorative peace causes a lot of stress. For many of us the days before the vacation can be the worst days. Sticking to your routine with your family and pet makes taking a vacation seem like a sheer impossibility.

Doggie Sensei has heard that many people will kennel their dogs, since taking a pet along can add complications. While there are times when taking your dog can be inappropriate, having your pet on vacation can be THE reason why you stick to your exercise routines. Think about the walks you can take like the one pictured above. When you do this early in the morning, you have that quiet time to reset your mind and get a fresh outlook before taking your kids or wife on a hike or other activities. You stick to your routine, and prevent those extra pounds that can creep up on you when you can get off schedule.

For those of us who have young children, having the pet along can also act as a point of focus for the kids that can limit sibling squabbling. Having the dog there means that thethere is less time to pick at each other. In some cases the young ones like the familiar comfort of your dog in a new setting.

Once you return from your getaway, your morning Doggie Weight routine will still be on track and your transition back to your work schedule will not be as difficult. This makes the effort of taking your deserved vacation well worth it.


Lindsay said...

I really like bringing Ace along when I travel. Although sometimes it is nice to have a break from my pets, there's something I really enjoy about running with my dog in new areas, like on a beach or in the mountains.

Doggie Sensei said...

We just got back from vacationing in Cooperstown NY. Being seated between the Catskills and Adirondacks there are many beautiful places to hike.

With the kids asleep, my sister and I would jog / hike just after sun rise. I plan on posting a map of the routes, as those who think of Cooperstown as just for baseball may not be aware of the great outdoor activities upstate New York offers.