Monday, September 22, 2008

Downtime and How to Keep Moving

Photo Credit: Ranger Gord

Sometimes your body just needs to recover. Yesterday Doggie Sensei twisted his ankle while running. This morning instead of running, Missy accompanied me on just half the route. Even when the owner is hurt the pet still has its needs that must be fulfilled, so when you have an exercise regimen with your your pet it's important to build in contingencies.

Talking half the walk is better than simply not walking at all because conditions are not optimal. Your dog will sense your slower pace and adjust. That's why they're such good partners. Keeping to your schedule will help you recover more quickly, as your mind is redirected from your injury. Your doggie can help you not think about the hurt.

This is not to say that your mind can overrule all injury. To the contrary, when you need to sit one out, you should do so you do not prolong your hiatus. The same holds true for your doggie, especially when their paws have been injured. Give them the proper care and time and you'll be back on track.


Chris - Zen to Fitness said...

Poor Doggie Sensei, twisting his ankle can't be fun!! Thing is going for a walk will do a world of good to get blood into the tendons and limber up the ankle....He'll be better in no time!

Doggie Sensei said...

Chris, thanks for the sympathy ;) I dragged my butt out there and walked some of it off.

Lindsay said...

When I have a sore ankle or sore knees from running too much, I take Ace out for a bike ride. This is pretty much no effort for me and he gets a great workout.