Monday, September 1, 2008

What's Up with Doggie Weight?

What's Doggie Weight? It's the pounds you can shed along with your pets hair. Before I quote a study, I am going to quote common sense from the Doggie Sensei: If you're active with your dog, you're active period.

The easiest activity is to walk, walk walk. Your dog craves this avenue of output. For those of us who live in confined spaces, walking will the surest method to keep your dog happy and well behaved. You'll shed that weight with your doggie as you round the corner and put on the miles.

This blog will be about the ways you can set goals for weight loss and exercise with your dog. You get fit, and your dog will be a wonderful, well behaved companion for you.

Take a look at this fellow who posted his photos on Flickr:

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