Friday, September 5, 2008

The Joy of Running on a Full Belly

Photo Credit: Chris Gin

One of the benefits of having a dog for a coach is that they are unrelenting. As people, we do have the ability to adapt our schedules. Dogs, God love 'em, can not.

Miss a morning run and, depending on the breed, you have to make up for it in a big way later on in the day. Like, after dinner, when you're tired, it's Friday, you're full, you want to sit and vegg in front of SciFi. Being the ever vigilant coach, your dog doesn't care about that stuff. It's time to get out there and stretch Doggie Sensei Daddy. Yeah, where can I chase some squirrels!!!

Once you give in, ignore all thoughts of "I'll just make this a walk around the block" and do the dance daddy. Go that whole route. For those of us who run, run that route. Your stomach will hurt, your sides will feel like splitting. Breathing is really hard, no rhythm, all steps jarring, when will this stop, I should have stuck with the schedule.

Sensei's theory is that when you complete the route in the most of sub-optimal conditions, and by that I mean fighting all the way against your dessert, you have added to your "Discipline Bank". That means the next time when conditions aren't as bad, you'll feel that progress come to fruitition. Effort banked from the bad sessions pays off, only later.


Lindsay said...

Ha, boy are you right with this one. Especially about missing a run in the morning. I am trying to run with my dog in the afternoons now because it fits better with my schedule. It may or may not work because he is used to that morning run. I think he will eventually adjust to my schedule though, as long as I don't cheat him on his run and we get a long enough workout in.

Doggie Sensei said...

Yeah, that schedule thing is a real pain when it gets off track. The beauty of running with your dog is that they really want a consistent rhythm and schedule. Sometimes work gets in the way for me in the morning, but Missy makes me pay for it that night.

Pinoyclicks said...

I haved added this post to my blog carnival

Doggie Sensei said...

Thanks for including me.