Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lazy Motivation

If you think about, sometimes motivation gets in the way. Bear with me on this: how many times have you not performed your routine because conditions were sub-optimal? When you adhere to the definition "I am motivated when I am doing X on a Y basis", it can be easy to fool yourself to NOT to proceed because you won't get the optimal benefit, so you wait until conditions are right.
Guess what - you've just taken a step backwards, as your ideal of motivation stalled you out.

With external sources of motivation, sometimes you are forced to roll, to go for it, get it out of the way. Hence your doggie is a good source of motivation. Do it for her / him, as they need to get outside and stretch. When they are the focus, then your goals are also achieved, even when conditions are not optimal. De-motivate to get it done.

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